The Incomparable CBD Body Scrub

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- All skin types for your beautiful body

- 16 Organic skin loving Ingredients

- Beneficial Actives

- Nutrient rich CBD

- 9oz

The Incomparable CBD body scrub is a skin optimization ritual to support a healthy skin matrix. Exotic Rhassoul clay is purposed to uncouple skin toxicities. Marula oil and Shea butter unite with an exceptional selection of organic plant extracts to support skin sustenance. Our body scrub will luxuriously exfoliate the skin, promote cellular rejuvenation and hydration to maintain your skin's supple glow. This unique formulation is steeped in vitamin & mineral rich extracts such as arnica, willow bark and CBD. CBD is abundant in amino acids, vitamins & minerals, naturally extending anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits to the skin.

Scented lightly with Bergamot and Lavender. We explore synesthesia to describe the unification as a fine, rich, sweet & juicy bouquet with an elegant, herbaceous & balsamic undertone of Bergamot. Lavender is fresh, warm, floral bouquet with fruity resinous undertones. A wonderfully balanced scent that captures old world beauty from the pristine and pure region from which it comes. When you scrub that beautiful body of yours, hold the scrub on areas of tension to deepen healing effects. Continue your skin ritual by soaking in our sublime Bath Asana bath salts then massage our Nourishing CBD Body Oil in for delectable skin. Your skin will thank you.


Effects from environmental Elements

Minor aches and Pains

Muscle soreness

Dry rough skin




Healthy and clear skin

Silky smooth, supple skin


Remineralization of muscles

Stress reliever


Self Love

Self care

Recommendations for usage: To begin, use the Bamboo scoop to mix the body scrub thoroughly and spoon a dollop into your hand. Apply to the entire body and avoid any wounds. Rinse well. Due to the nature of this product being oil based and the dark color of the CBD extract we recommend drying off with a dark fabrics. Please be mindful, the tub could become slightly slippery from the oil. Enjoy thoroughly! 

Our body scrub labels are printed on crushed stone and the round container + aluminum lid is 100% recyclable. The bamboo scoop is hypoallergenic.