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Cannabidol & Marula Body oil



Bath Asana products are so luxurious, I feel nourished and pampered from the whole line. For deliciously smooth and glowing skin, make sure you try the body scrub!

Kathryn Chesselet

Aspen-Cape Town

Creator of Leti-Kat

After a long search for a body oil that left my skin soft and silky without the greasy feeling, I finally found Bath Asana Body oil! Combined with the body scrub is the perfect match. I cannot say enough about these fabulous products.  Love the face serum too! Very Satisfied.

Joyce H.

Jet-Set Traveller, NJ-FL

Bath Asana's Restorative body treatment is divine! The quality of these products are exquisite. I feel restored after using the bath salts. The body scrub is perfect, a pleasure to apply with the large bamboo scoop and leaves my skin silky soft. The body oil scent is gorgeous and goes easily into my skin helping me to feel well. There are few products I love and Gift from the Gods is one. 

Joan Morais

Owner of Joan Morais Naturals, CA

The Art of the Bath