Maria Gonzales is a professional product formulator, cosmetic artist, aesthetician and trusted massage therapist.

After 20 years of experience as an ambassador to the healing arts, Maria's dedication to holistic body care and all-natural aesthetics shows in her spa-grade bath and beauty experience.

Bath Asana Founder

“I created Bath Asana out of necessity. My A-list clients love a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The skincare rituals I have formulated make them feel at home anywhere in the world. They want healthy, smooth skin as well as relief from aches and pains. For my clients it's like having a healing entourage of myself, Bath Asana and Aspen with them as they travel.”

“We all just want to look and feel our best every day. This is a real challenge for women and men who work and play hard. I formulated this unique, active botanical CBD skin therapy using my signature, client-beloved blend of nature’s best botanicals."

"With my background in Chemistry, I know this is the way to deliver lasting health, beauty, and age-defying benefits for all.”

Why Use CBD?

“CBD is the new essential oil for skin care. It’s truly wondrous, something you have to experience to believe. It’s just naturally better skincare. A revolution, really.”

“CBD regenerates skin not just at the outer epidermis, but at the deepest cellular level. This means it recovers that deep inner health and radiance in your skin. I wanted to give people the all-natural beauty routine that does it all – relax, refresh, renew – all while maintaining the quality of a spa-grade experience.”

Bath Asana Products

Bath Asana uses only organic and plant-based ingredients. After being carefully sourced from select locations, they are formulated and manufactured in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

We use only single-origin full spectrum CBD from Colorado for our products. The CO2 distillation process ensures the purity of each botanical extract while preserving the vitamin and minerals to ensure the most nourishing experience.

We strive to create all-natural and eco-clean products. There are no synthetic dyes or chemicals, no fillers, no by-products, or animal products.

All packaging is recyclable, from the lids, caps, to the boxes. Our bottle labels are printed on crushed stone and the bath salt cards are printed on recycled t-shirts.

Our products are gluten-free, cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

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