Synergy Facial Revival
Synergy Facial Revival Dew
Synergy Facial Revival Dew

Synergy Facial Revival Dew

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Transcend the elements for truly radiant, ageless skin.

This superiorly nourishing bioactive complex is the effortless way to sustain a naturally smooth complexion in the face of dry, irritating or fluctuating environmental conditions. 

Light and velvety smooth, this formula is molecularly sleek to rapidly penetrate the skin barrier and deliver smooth skin without the wait.

Saturate with restorative minerals, phytonutrients, and highly concentrated botanicals and Swiss Apple stem cells that improve skin texture, tone, and completely revitalize the skin matrix.

Each 30 ml. bottle contains 100 mg of pure CBD.


Key Botanicals

Pure CBD: Restores collagen and elastin to encourage cellular regeneration for a recuperative therapy improves skin texture, tones, and lifts away wrinkles.

Rose of Jericho Extract: Boosts the skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture with restorative plant bioactives that survive in arid West Africa without moisture, yet bloom after the slightest rain.

Swiss Apple Stem Cells: Returns a plump, even texture to the complexion as nature’s building blocks work to repair skin and promote elasticity.

Hyaluronic Acid: This hydrating molecular biochemistry can hold 1000 times its weight in water, helping the skin to stay plump and retain moisture throughout the day.

Colloidal Copper: Repairs and prevents sun damage while promoting collagen synthesis to improve skin elasticity and radiance.

Colloidial Silver: Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial to rebalance skin impurities and improve complexion.  

Helps You

- Safeguard skin from harsh, dry, and changing climates

- Soothe and reduce redness and skin inflammation

- Boost skin’s absorbtive potential to retain moisture for longer

- Plump, firm, and tone skin for ideal suppleness

- Encourage cell rejuvenation with a deeply retentive layer of moisture

- Rebuild collagen and elastin for a firm, ageless complexion

- Defend against stress and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

- Can also be used as a spot treatment for acne yet leave the skin hydrated

To Use

Use to hydrate after cleansing both morning and/or night. Softly apply a dewy layer over your face. 

Apply 2-4 times per week, depending on skin needs. Follow with the Hydrating Finishing Serum to top up the restorative benefits.

Lightly scented with Wild Rose and Honeysuckle for a luxuriant and uplifting bouquet.