Sensual Bath Salts
Sensual Bath Salts
Bath Salts Soak muscle soreness
Sensual Bath Salts

Sensual Bath Salts

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Immerse yourself in this luxuriously sublime blend of Himalayan Salt Crystals and Dead Sea Salts for ultimate restoration, that is divine by nature.

Infused with the aromatic essential oils of Madagascar Ylang-Ylang and Roman Chamomile, this bathing ritual helps to exfoliate and soothe skin, restore the body to optimum functioning, and reinvigorate the full spectrum of mental and physical vitality.

Each 16oz. bottle contains 100 mg of pure Full Spectrum CBD.


Key Ingredients

Himalayan Salt Crystals: Detoxification of the skins' pores with 84 minerals including magnesium and calcium that stimulate circulation, remineralize, repair and hydrate for optimal radiance leaving your complexion smooth.

Israeli Dead Sea Salts: Rich in 20 healing micronutrients like potassium, which promotes muscle regeneration, skin hydration, strengthens the bones and encourages cellular regeneration. Anti-bacterial and Anti-aging qualities.  

Roman Chamomile: Calm the mind with balmy, herbaceous notes as the reparative properties of this essential oil work to ease muscle aches and tensions while helping to repair skin damage from external factors.

French Lavender: Bask in a soothing, floral warmth as the calming properties transport you to a tranquil, carefree place.

Madagascar Ylang-Ylang: Savor the luscious floral notes of this African essential oil as it suffuses the skin matrix with anti-inflammatory properties that protect against skin imperfections like acne, breakouts, and eczema.

Helps You

- Purify skin to allow optimal cell regeneration

- Boost the immune system with absorptive essential oils

- Wash away daily stress and rebalance the mind

- Relieve muscle soreness from active, high-performance lifestyles

- Detoxify skin membranes to allow maximum breathability and radiance

To Use

Add ¼ cup of Bath Salts to warm bath water. This gives you 4-6 baths, each with 25 mg of pure Full Spectrum CBD.

Immerse, enjoy, and emerge whole again. Use to prepare the body for the ideal impact of relaxing the mind and hydrating the skin with age-defying results.