Nourishing CBD Body Oil

Nourishing CBD Body Oil

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- All skin types for your beautiful body

- 18 Organic skin-loving ingredients

- Beneficial Actives

- Nutrient rich CBD

- 100ml 

Drenched in afternoon sun, The Pillar of Light is our Nourishing CBD Body Oil. Experience the feel of silken South African oils molecularly sleek to penetrate deeply into the skin. This is a merger of highly concentrated plant extracts, steeped together to perform as a potent body serum. Our goal is to effectively address dehydrated skin, dryness, muscle soreness and offer relief from minor skin irritations. We have chosen a light scent with premium organic essential oils that will not cover your natural skin pheromones, for you to be your best you!  

We use organic Marula oil is antioxidant rich in Vitamin C, Omega 6 & Omega 9 and is a skin hydrator. Baobab oil contains high amounts of vitamins A & B to specifically tonify and target skin elasticity. Qualities such as these support and protect a healthy skin matrix. Combined with Co2 distilled CBD, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids naturally provide anti-inflammatory benefits for skin optimization. This power packed formula is boosted with the royalty of organic plant extracts to deliver a full spectrum body oil that will quench the thirst of dry skin. Scented lightly with Grapefruit and Ylang-Ylang to tempt the senses of men and women. Embracing synesthesia to explore this beautiful scent in words. Grapefruit is a fabulously refreshing citrus, full bodied and fruity without being sharp. Blending beautifully with the rich, creamy floral bouquet and fine, balsamic woodsy undertone of Ylang-Ylang. A high class floral joins the nectar of fruit combine seductively in this blend that will awaken the senses with finesse. 


Minor rashes/irritations

Muscle soreness

Pain relief

Dry Dehydrated skin

Eczema /Psoriasis

Sagging skin

To replenish nutrients lost during daily activity



Silky soft skin

Healthy radiant glow

Pain relief

The skins supple texture

Self Care

Self Love

Recommendations for usage: Night and day on cleansed skin, regularly for optimum results. Apply our nutrient rich CBD Body Oil all over your skin’s surface especially those areas that are sore and ache. This will be the most luxurious effort you can extend to yourself. You will enjoy immediate and long-term benefits of healthy glowing skin.

Suggested for a complete body ritual, exfoliate your skin with our Incomparable CBD body scrub, soak in Bath Asana bath salts then apply our Nourishing CBD body oil. This extraordinary experience will slough off the crisp of the hardest day or the hardest play resulting in deliciously smooth skin. Your body will thank you.

Please note, due to the dark nature of the CBD extract and this being an oil product, be mindful to massage into your skin thoroughly and enjoy!