The Original Illumination Facial Polish
Illumination Face Polish  Pumice + French Green Clay
The Original Illumination Facial Polish

The Original Illumination Facial Polish

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After another season of wearing sunscreen, make-up, and having plenty of sun exposure, it is recovery time! Restore the clarity, tone, and texture of your skin’s appearance with this superior complex of Co2 distilled CBD Oil, Active Plant Botanicals, and French Green Clay. 

Illumination Facial Polish replenishes and retains moisture for a vibrant complexion while it creates a strong, protective barrier against environmental pollution and sun damage. The beauty of this double agent is to provide a supreme polish as well as a nutrient-rich micro mask if left on for an extended period. Bath Asanas design uses an age-old exfoliant, Pumice to prepare the epidermis for an infusion of organic plant botanicals that nourish and hydrate. CBD then unites with our exotic clays including spirulina to uncouple skin toxicities, leaving the skin radiantly clear and smooth.

Each 40 ml. contains 100 mg of pure full-spectrum CBD.


Key Botanicals

Crystalline Pumice: Exfoliates while gently abrading the skin barrier, resulting in an enhanced output of collagen that delivers fresh, revitalized, and exceptionally breathable skin.

Organic Algae Extract: This antioxidant marine moisturizer helps to uncouple skin toxicities as sea kelp and spirulina firm the complexion and leave skin luminous. 

Pure CBD: Benefits from Cannabidiol (CBD) anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that remove skin impurities, encourage cellular renewal, and deeply revitalize to create a hydrating skin barrier.

French Green Clay: Cleanse and tighten pores with purifying and firming properties that naturally help to minimize the appearance of loose skin.

Hibiscus Extract: Moisturizes deeply with antioxidant-rich plant actives that help to increase the skin's output of elastin to ensure a supple, vibrant glow.

Helps You

- Gently abrade the skin to sustain brilliantly clarity and a smooth surface

- Removes impurities and dead skin to promote an even texture and tone

- Nourish the complexion while lifting, firming, and plumping skin

- Safeguard skin from environmental pollutants and sun damage 

To Use

Moisten the face and warm fingertips underwater, then apply a small dollop of Illumination Face Polish about the size of a pea to your face with light to medium pressure.

Mask can be left on for 5-10 minutes depending on skin needs. 

Approximately 15 total facials, each containing 5mg of pure full-spectrum CBD.

Rinse clean then follow with our Deeply Hydrating CBD Face Serum to establish a foundation of moisture and support healthy, glowing skin.

Repeat this process 1-3 times per week to purify and reset skin to its most beautiful.

Lightly scented with Frankincense & Italian Bergamot for a soothing atmosphere of resinous wood and brisk citrus.