Deeply Hydrating CBD Face Serum

Deeply Hydrating CBD Face Serum

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- All skin types for Face, Neck & Decollete

- 18 Organic skin-loving ingredients

- Beneficial Actives

- Nutrient rich CBD

- 30ml

Introducing our Deeply Hydrating CBD Face Serum is power packed with 18-skin loving ingredients. The Model X of finishing face serum. Our botanical formula is abundant in anti-oxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids to maintain youthful glowing skin. We choose carefully, organic plant extracts to provide necessary vitamins, minerals that deliver potent nourishment for cellular regeneration to support gorgeous skin. Marula oil is non-comedogenic, rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids, high in anti-oxidants, and is a skin hydrator. CBD is high amino acids, vitamins & minerals, naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

High amino acids + essential fatty acids are known to repair skin damage, produce collagen and elastin resulting in firm and healthy skin. This distinguished serum embodies the precious nature of the face by offering ultra hydration, potency and performance, consistently for all skin types in various climates.

Scented lightly with pure essential oils of Wild Rose Geranium and Helichrysum. To boost skin elasticity, radiance and support a positive skin optimization ritual. Embracing synesthesia to express this beautiful scent in words. As a fresh rich rosaceous bouquet, with a delicate accent of herbaceous leafy green, sweetly honeyed and tea-like. As if the warm sun kisses your face with golden silk.  

Recommendations for usage: After a cleansing your face, pump 2-3 luscious droplets onto your finger tips and massage into your face & neck. Use circular motions, upward & outward strokes to caress your beautiful skin. Depending on your skin needs, morning & night, are the best times to steep your skin and absorb maximum benefits of Bath Asana's Deeply Hydrating CBD face serum.    


Fine lines and Wrinkles

Dehydrated skin



Skin Elasticity




Smooth skin surface

Clear skin tone

Improves skin barrier function

Skin Hydration


Restoration from the overall effects of environmental elements to the skin