Restorative Bath Treatment

Instructions: Begin your skin optimization ritual by mixing the Incomparable CBD body scrub and scooping a dollap into your hands then scrub your entire body, avoiding any open wounds. Rhassoul clay will uncouple skin toxicities while the bamboo will exfoliate and prepare your skin to be renewed with precious nutrients. Next, glide into the tub and soak in our Restorative Bath Salts, that are divine by nature. The stars align offering a healing elixir to remineralize the body and replenish electrolytes lost during daily activities. Effectively combined to slough off the hardest day or the hardest play and support sore muscles, body aches and pains and your immune system for optimal rejuvenation. Finally, lock in moisture and quench your skins' thirst by applying our nutrient rich CBD Body Oil all over your beautiful body and experience the most deliciously smooth skin. This treatment promotes detoxification, cellular regeneration, and hydration. Once you experience the benefits of this ritual you will forever know the gift of Bath Asana and your body will say thank you.   

Recommendations for usage: Due to the dark nature of the CBD extract please rinse well, and dry with dark fabrics if possible.  Leave the tub mindfully, as it may be slippery from the oils and dry off. Please hydrate well by drinking water after this treatment. Enjoy. 

Restorative Bath Salts
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