Trinity Face Ritual
Trinity Face Ritual
Trinity Face Ritual
Trinity Face Ritual

Trinity Face Ritual

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Revitalize the complexion with this transformative skin therapy designed purely to support cellular renewal.

This luscious synergy is formulated specially to revive, protect, and restore the skin matrix from the effects of dry climates, toxicities, and environmental debris.

Impurities fall away, skin firms, and a protective barrier of hydration surfaces to guard against the elements and the appearance of fine lines. The result is nourished and elastic skin that both looks and feels ageless, wherever you may go.

This delicate yet potent ritual delivers the optimal dosage of Hemp Oil in three easy steps for a comprehensive spa-treatment for the complexion.

Restore your mood, replenish your skin, and renew your confidence with the look and feel of luxurious beautification.

Savor self-care like never before with this absolutely rejuvenating, Hemp-rich spa-treatment for the face – anytime you like.

Step 1: Illumination Facial Polish

Deeply exfoliate to lift away skin impurities with this antioxidant-rich facial scrub and micro-mask.

Crystalline Pumice gently abrades the skin barrier, prompting the body to increase the output of firming collagen. Organic Algae Extract purifies as it nourishes, leaving a refreshed, luminous, and receptive skin matrix.

Pure Hemp Oil dives deep to replenish and creates an antibacterial barrier to block inflammation while locking in moisture to saturate and renew skin entirely.

Finally, pores tighten and fine lines disappear with help from the purifying and firming properties of French Green Clay.

Apply the Illumination Facial Polish mask for 10 minutes or longer, depending on skin needs.

Step 2: Synergy Facial Revival Dew

Saturate with a velvety smooth royalty of plant extracts, restorative minerals, and phytonutrients to return an ageless texture, tone, and smoothness to skin.

Rose of Jericho Extract promotes the optimal retention of moisture as Swiss Apple Stem Cells plump the complexion, renew collagen, and restore an even firmness.

Colloidal Copper builds collagen while preventing the extrinsic effects of sun damage. Meanwhile, the potent antioxidants in Pure CBD help to promote cellular turnover for a smooth, radiant complexion.

To use, press to skin and swirl with a soft massage after exfoliating.

Step 3: Hydrating Face Serum

Restore skin completely with potent botanical synergies that combine to reveal a luminously smooth complexion. Omega-rich South African Marula Oil seals in moisture while stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin for visibly smoother, healthier skin.

Pure Hemp Oil brings antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect from skin irritation, skin imperfections and the appearance of wrinkles. It also delivers a nourishing care package of fatty acids, essential oils, and powerful restoratives for vibrant, flawless skin.

To use, massage 2-3 droplets of hydrating face serum into skin with two fingers to enjoy optimal hydration.

Each jar of Illumination Facial Polish contains 75 mg of Pure full spectrum Hemp oil. This allows for 20 facials, a pea size dollop contains 3.75mg of hemp.

Each bottle of Synergy Facial Revival Dew contains 100 mg of full spectrum Hemp oil. 

Each bottle of Hydrating Face Serum contains 100 mg of pure full spectrum Hemp oil.