Nourishing Body Oil
Nourishing Marula Body Oil
Grapefruit Ylang-Ylang anti-inflammatory Body Oil
Topical support for silky healthy skin
Glowing healthy Skin Body Oil
Marula Body Oil for Healthy Radiant Skin
Nourishing Marula Body Oil Healthy radiant skin
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Nourishing Body Oil

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Restore a youthful firmness and velvety softness to your skins' complexion with Bath Asanas luxuriously nourishing CBD Body Oil. 

Experience the feel of silken South African oils molecularly sleek to deeply penetrate into the skin. This is a union of highly concentrated plant extracts, steeped together to deliver a potent body serum.

Feel your skin and mood improve as you simultaneously relieve bodily aches & pains including muscle soreness and minor skin irritations.

The intensely restorative bioactives in CBD strengthen and rejuvenate lackluster skin while helping to protect against free radicals, sun damage, and the appearance of aging. 

* Our most popular product

Each 60ml/2oz bottle contains 600mg of pure full-spectrum CBD.

Each 120ml/4oz bottle contains 1200mg of pure full-spectrum CBD.


Key Botanicals

Full Specturm CBD: Infuses skin with concentrated vitamins, minerals and is antioxidant-rich to tonify, relieve and restore the most ideal quality of the skin.

Wild African Baobab Oil: Softens with A & B Vitamins to fix stretch marks and the appearance of scarring, prevents water loss throughout the day, and guards against sun damage.

Jojoba Oil: Replenishes the skin mantle with abundant E & B Vitamins that tone and revive the dermal layer.

South African Marula Oil: A skin hydrator that boosts collagen production with Omegas 6 & 9 to smooth skin and neutralize free radicals.

Active Arnica: Soothes reactive skin with powerful antioxidants that protect against inflammation, environmental stressors, and boost the immune system.

Calendula Oil: Repair and protect against skin degeneration with the herbacious extract of Wild Marigold, a potent skin balancer that combats free radicals, soothes skin irritation, and firms the outer layer.

Helps You

- Rejuvenate skin at the deepest cellular level to boost firmness, elasticity, and tone

- Prevent acne, breakouts, and rashes by curbing output of fatty sebum from pores

- Relieve skin irritation and reduces redness

- Treat dry skin conditions like eczema, rashes, and psoriasis

- Alleviate chronic pains and discomfort in joints and muscles

- Encourage an ageless appearance with full-spectrum CBD skin rejuvenating botanicals

- Minimize fine lines and wrinkles from sun damage, free radicals, and environmental pollutants

To Use

Apply day and night, regularly for best results. Glide evenly into skin and liberally into typically dry areas for long terms skin firmness and bodily relief.

Scented lightly with Ruby Red Grapefruit and Sensual Ylang-Ylang for an aromatic cascade of bright wood and citrus.

The scent pallet is specially formulated to compliment but not mask the natural pheromones of both men and women. This allows either sex to retain their body's natural allure while enjoying the golden glow of this soothing body treatment, anyplace and anytime.