Hydrating Face Serum
Luminous Botanical Face Serum
Anti-aging Hydrating Marula Face Serum
Luminous Marula Face Serum
Hydrating Face Serum

Hydrating Face Serum

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This luxuriously potent skin therapy is power-packed with 18 skin-loving ingredients, beneficial actives including nutrient-rich CBD. This synthesis is molecularly sleek to deliver effortlessly smooth, supple, and timeless skin. 

Our distinguished formula of plant botanicals acts synergistically on the cellular level to refresh dormant skin cells and foster a regenerated skin matrix. The result of carefully choosing premium ingredients embodies the precious nature of the face to offer anti-aging benefits, ultra hydration and consistency for all skin types within various climates. Bath Asanas Deeply Hydrating CBD Face Serum is the essential net of support for healthy vibrant skin to radiate inner luminosity at any age.

30ml/1oz bottle contains 500 mg of pure Full Spectrum CBD.


The Best Key Botanicals

South African Marula Oil: Stimulates collagen synthesis to plump while penetrating deeply to seal in moisture for visibly smoother skin. 

Full Spectrum CBD: Equips skin with uniquely potent anti-inflammatories and moisturizers that firm and restore skin to its most flawless.

Swiss Edelweiss: Improves the appearance of aged or wrinkled skin by infusing the dermal layer with rich antioxidants that defuse free radicals, calm the complexion, and firm the skin matrix.

Imperata Cylindrica: Enriched with silica crystals that promote long-term hydration, this West African wild grass is revered for its ability to enhance collagen synthesis and increase cellular metabolism to restore skin's natural suppleness.

Avocado Oil: Nourishes the outer layer with essential fatty oils that plump, hydrate, and return elasticity to dry or damaged skin.  

Gotu Kola Oil: Used by Ayurvedic healers to treat scar tissue and stretch marks, this potent herb helps to replenish collagen and restore the skin's tensile strength for a firmer, more youthful texture. 

Kakadu Plum: An excellent anti-oxidant to repair sun-damaged, aging skin while stimulating collagen production. Renown for having the highest Vit C content of any fruit in the world giving the skin an unparalleled glow and shine.

Helps You

- Hydrate dry skin and retain vital moisture in all climates

- Firm skin with abundant essential oils and amino acids

- Diminish skin sensitivities

- Defuse skin irritation to achieve a balanced skin tone

- Minimize fine lines and wrinkles instantly

- Boost skin elasticity

- Fight the signs of aging

To Use

Massage 2-3 droplets of hydrating face serum into skin with two fingers. Apply as a finishing serum both morning and night to maximize the therapeutic benefits and enjoy optimal hydration.

Lightly scented with Wild Rose Geranium and Helichrysum for a floral bouquet with an herbaceous leafy green, sweetly honeyed and tea-like undertone; non-comedogenic and won’t block your natural pheromones. For absolute beautifying, as if the warm sun kisses your face with golden silk.