Gift from the Gods  Sensual Body Treatment

Gift from the Gods Sensual Body Treatment

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Gift from the Gods Sensual Body Treatment is 3 steps of wellness to strike the flame of desire into your being.


The Incomparable CBD body scrub offers supreme exfoliation, promotes cellular rejuvenation and skin moisturization. Our organic plant extracts deeply nourish for a healthy glow. For ultimate benefits, leave the scrub on for a few minutes to keep working as it has the ability to double as a full body mask before soaking. Lightly Scented with Bergamot & Lavender


Soak in our Sensual Bath Salts concentrated and designed to remineralize the body and soothe away muscle soreness, aches & pain as well as boost the immune system. You will feel the stars align when as you rinse away the stresses of your day. Lightly scented with organic essential oils of Ylang-ylang, Lavender and Roman Chamomile accentuate the experience to sooth and restore optimum functioning.


Continue by massaging our nutrient rich and completely Nourishing CBD Body Oil all over your beautiful body leaving the skin supple and silky smooth. This finishing body oil will allow all the plant extracts and oil to incorporate and steep into the skin for the greatest benefits of healthy, hydrated and beautiful skin. Lightly scented with Grapefruit and Ylang-Ylang.

This treatment is truly the BEST and guaranteed to slough off the hardest day or the hardest play. Your skin and body will say thank-you. 


-Poised to remineralize the body

-Aromatherapy to soothe tension and energetically reset

-Relieves aches pains and boosts the immune system

-Cellular regeneration, CBD is a cell proliferator 


-Organic plant extracts and oils lead in skin nourishment, healing and hydration and overall beautification.