The Essential Sample Collection
The Essential Sample Collection

The Essential Sample Collection

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Introduce your skin to the full spectrum CBD benefits with this gloriously complete self-care kit.

Packed with raw plant botanicals, The Essential Sample Collection works to purify, plump, and replenish skin in a way that promotes intense repair and lasting, delicious skin nourishment.

This spa-grade skin ritual is the ideal way to experience the rejuvenating effects of CBD and unlock your skins' youthful luminescence.

Gift to a friend or use as your spa to-go for a luxurious getaway weekend.


Inside you’ll receive both:

The Essential Body Care Ritual

  • Incomparable Body Scrub (20ml)
  • Nourishing Body Oil (8ml)
  • Restorative Bath Salts (20 ml)
  • Sensual Bath Salts (20ml)

The Essential Facial Ritual

  • Illumination Facial Polish (5ml)
  • Synergy Facial Revival Dew (5ml)
  • Hydrating Face Serum (5ml)

Helps You

- Relieve your stress as you exfoliate, remineralize, and nourish skin with Bath Salts.

- Alleviate body aches and pains with the Incomparable Body Scrub.

- Replenish the skin matrix to moisturize and minimize fine lines and wrinkles with the Nourishing Body Oil.

- Refresh to create a protective barrier that seals in moisture for flawless skin with the Illumination Facial Polish.

- Restore the optimal tone and elasticity to skin with the Hydrating Face Serum.

- Regain then sustain a naturally smooth complexion despite any changing conditions with the Synergy Facial Revival Dew.

To Use The Essential Facial Ritual

Moisten face then apply the Illumination Facial Polish for supreme exfoliation. Leave for 5-10 minutes, rinse clean to lightly lift impurities away from the skin, rinse clean.

Then apply a moisture layer of Synergy Facial Revival Dew, finishing with the Hydrating CBD Face Serum to lock in moisture.

To Use The Essential Body Care Ritual

Add your choice of Bath Asana Bath Salts to warm bath water, soak for at least 15 minutes to remove skin impurities, remineralize, and refresh for absolute skin vitality.

Scoop a spoonful of the Incomparable CBD Body Scrub into your hand and apply evenly to your body. Feel your skin become infused with CBD's strengthening and purifying properties. Hold the scrub over sore areas or muscles for plant extracts to penetrate deeply and restore optimum well being.

Follow by gliding on the Nourishing CBD Body Oil. Savor the luxurious feel of revitalized skin that's free from inflammation, discomfort, and the appearance of aging.