Bath Asana Sample Kit

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For you to try a complete treatment of 2-Bath Salts (2-20ml), Incomparable CBD body scrub (1oz), a Nourishing CBD Body oil (8ml), a hydrating Face Serum (5ml), Algae & French green clay Facial Polish (5ml). The Bath Asana sample kit can double as a gift or mini travel sized kit for a weekend getaway.

Recommendation for use:

Moisten your face then, with light to medium pressure apply our Facial Polish. Leave on for 5-10 minutes to enjoy the mask feature of Algae and French Green Clay. Rinse clean, then apply our Facial Revival Dew and finish with Deeply Hydrating CBD Face Serum. 

Scrub your beautiful body with The Incomparable CBD body scrub, then soak and remineralize your skin in Bath Asana bath salts. Once you rinse and dry and apply our Nourishing CBD Body oil for delicious feeling skin.

Please be mindful, we use dark extracts, oils and french green clay, all of which can be unforgiving on light fabrics:-)  

Once you try our skin optimization ritual you will learn the Art of the bath, forever know the quality of Bath Asana and your skin will be eternally grateful.