Restorative Body Ritual
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Restorative Body Ritual

Restorative Body Ritual

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The Restorative Body Ritual is a complete immersion experience. This harmonious union of active botanicals will moisten, firm, and restore the ideal tone and youthfulness to your skin.

Nourished with premium essential oils, key vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are carefully formulated to synergize with Full Spectrum CBD that unlock the ultimate remedy in skin wellness.

This delicate yet potent ritual delivers the optimal dosage of CBD in three easy steps. Bask in luxurious beautification as the ritual revitalizes your spirit, skin texture and appearance, and elevate your mood all at once.

Relish in self-care like never before as you enjoy a comprehensive CBD-rich spa experience in the comfort of your home, anytime you like. 

Step 1: The Incomparable CBD Body Scrub

Partake of supreme exfoliation, cellular rejuvenation, and skin moisturization.

Feel calm and open as skin breathes anew with the reparative properties of Italian Bergamot and French Lavender.

Step 2: Restorative Bath Salts

Steep in our signature blend of Himalayan Salt Crystal and Dead Sea Salts to remineralize the epidermis, soothe the body, and activate skin regeneration.

The immune system strengthens as aches and stresses fall away in this deeply restorative ritual that’s imbued with the relaxing aroma of balmy, sedative Cape Chamomile.

Step 3: Nourishing CBD Body Oil

Replenish intensely with a potent botanical body serum to lock in moisture and restore your skin to its most supple.

Absorb the revitalizing benefits of CBD and South African Marula Oil for deeply hydrated, healthily restored and beautifully smooth skin. Lightly scented with Madagascar Ylang-Ylang and Ruby Red Grapefruit.

Helps You

- Regenerate cells to promote a smooth, even skin tone

- Uncouple skin toxicities

- Maximize skin breathability for optimal luster

- Boost the immune system

- Remineralize for radiant, glowing skin 

- Accelerate the body’s recovery from physical activity

- Relieve aches, pains, and bodily discomforts


Each 9oz. jar of Incomparable Body Scrub contains 100 mg of pure CBD.

Each 100ml/4oz. bottle of Nourishing Body Oil contains 200 mg of pure CBD.

Each 16oz. bottle of Bath Salts contains 100 mg of pure Full Spectrum CBD. 4-6 baths of 25 mg of Full Spectrum CBD in each.